OP/TECH 2点吊り BIN/OP ストラップ コンパクト用 シンプル ブラック ネオプレーン 221215

¥ 2,317 税込

商品コード: aknd-b-0018mr5hk


  1. 携帯・スマートフォン

The BIN/OP STRAP - QD provides a stylish and comfortable carrying system for compact binoculars or cameras with two connection points. As the popularity of compact binoculars increases amongst outdoor and indoor entertainment enthusiasts, so does the demand for a comfortable strap. The BIN/OP STRAP - QD uses small cord loop attachments which are ideal for cameras, binoculars and electronics with tight connection areas. The 3/8" mini quick disconnects provide added versatility in a compact design. It is fully adjustable from 28" to 36".